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Adventure Therapy in Sigulda

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Adventure Therapy Sigulda is a program of events aimed to address growing mental health problems in the society caused by Covid-19 pandemic, such as: depression, isolation feelings, aggression and other, using adventure and nature therapy.

During september and october 2021, people who are interested in Adventure Therapy had the opportunity to participate in adventure therapy programs, master classes and conference organized by Adventure Therapy Latvia.

Adventure and Nature Therapy Programs
Adventure Therapy Conference
Adventure Therapy master classes

Adventure and nature therapy programs

Adventure Therapy Conference


Open master classes

01/10 – 02/10/2021

What is adventure and nature therapy?

Adventure and nature therapy = adventure in nature with a therapeutic intent.

Adventure Тherapy expedition – a day in nature, hiking, climbing оr caving, kayaking or doing something else, can be an effective therapy. The four main elements that promote it are: nature itself, physical activity, overcoming challenges and meaningful conversations. The combination of thесse four elements can promote once’s well-being, give a new sense of hope and meaning and determination.

Why is this relevant?

The impact of Covid 19 on people’s quality of life and health is undeniable. Data show that Europe is in a growing mental health crisis as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. People, both young and old, report experiencing growing distress, depressive behavior and pessimism. The mental health of young people in Latvia is at a critical level. 63% of young people surveyed admit that their mental health has deteriorated during the pandemic – they experience obsessive thoughts and depression.

We know that this is not a panacea, but more and more research shows that time spent in nature can reduce anxiety and depression, improve immune system and serve as a medicine for stress.

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